Ralphy Utopia de Ransbeck retires

Rioso van de Kapel, who has been retired sinds the beginning of the year, just got company. Ralphy Utopia de Ransbeck, another mare responisble for many of Constant’s successes, just joined her. Both mares are now 15 years old and enjoy a well-deserved retirement on the domain’s pastures near Brussels.


“We are closing a beautiful chapter”, Béatrice Van Paesschen says. “Ralphy joined Rioso, they’re both at home enjoying their life in the pastures and we hope to have them with us for another twenty years”.


Rioso had her last show on December 12, 2015, while Ralphy did one more performance this year, at Odense last May. These two, very competitive mares offered Constant many beautiful victories in speed classes and grand prix, from junior to senior level...


“Rioso and Ralphy have been Constant’s mares since he rode the junior classes. He won the Belgian Junior Championship with Rioso, and the Belgian Championship young riders with Ralphy. Both mares are very competitive, Rioso was one of the fastest horses there was. They helped Constant get noticed in ranking classes and the GCT circuit. He owes them so much! We would like to thank Ralphy and Rioso’s team for ten beautiful years of competition”.


Ralphy and Rioso will enjoy each others’ company on the family pastures from now on.

Ralpy en Rioso genieten zichtbaar van elkaars gezelschap op de wei.


Source: L’Equimag

Picture: Van Paesschen Equestrian Center