Press communication: Rioso van de Kapel to retire

After ten years under Constant’s saddle, his fifteen year-old SBS mare Rioso van de Kapel (°2001, Idem d'Azur x Glennridge) can enjoy her well-deserved retirement. Rioso will keep an eye on the young generation from the pastures at Van Paesschen Equestrian Center, while taking care of the future talents. With Rioso retiring and going into breeding, an entire chapter is closing for Constant, who did his international debut with her.


"Rioso and Constant have a share a great story”, his parents say, "Constant started at junior level, made the step to young riders and started in the seniors classes with her. Those two grew up together!”


Rioso van de Kapel has been owned by Van Paesschen Equestrian Center for a decade, and is a loved member of the entire family: "we never wanted to sell her as we wanted her to stay for Constant. She doesn't have the easiest personality, but she always had a huge heart for him. She has always given it all she had and deserves a beautiful retirement. Furthermore, Rioso is an excellent speed horse – one of the fastest in the world – and we hope to have a few foals with her.”


The moment is well-chosen, as a new generation of future prospects has arrived at the stables.


"Rioso has always been a fantastic horse with a super mindset", Constant adds,

"I have learned tremendously with her, and won so much. She won so much as a young horse and just never stopped, she always wanted to go for the victory. Rioso also always knew exactly where to go in the speed tests. I never had to think too much about how to take my turns, she took care of that for me. Rioso has always had a true winner's spirit."


Constant and Rioso obtained, amongst others, a selection for the European Junior Championship of Hoofddorp in 2009. That same year, the combination became Belgian Champions in the Junior class. Some of the many victories, however, are especially precious for Constant:


"It was so special to obtain the third place in the GCT ranking test of Doha, two years ago, among such great riders... We were just behind Patrice Delaveau and Harrie Smolders! The victories of Monaco and Paris (summer 2014) were also very unforgettable for me."


And, of course, let’s not forget the suberb victory in the 2013 CSI5* Antwerp speed test...


“I want to thank my parents for giving me my chances and for keeping this amazing horse for me.”


The Van Paesschen family wants to thank everyone who has been there for Rioso van de Kapel: sponsors, farriers Xavier and Jean, veterinarians, grooms, friends and supporters.